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A massage using natural oils, integrating oriental techniques and bio-energy.
A full body therapy, which focuses primarily on tensed, painful and dysfunctional zones.

The therapy addresses problems, such as:

  • muscular and joint aches and pains
  • physical and mental fatigue
  • lack of vital energy
  • stress, anxiety, excessive irritability
  • inability to relax
  • sleep-related problems, headaches
  • dysfunction of the immune or digestive systems
  • retention of water and toxins

The therapist will guide you:

  • into a state of deep relaxation
  • to restoring physical strength and mental clarity
  • to balancing your energy levels
  • to holistically regenerating your vitality

A technique integrated into the therapeutic massage, which reinforces the restoration of vital energy and promotes physical and mental harmony.

A holistic life-coaching programme where you are guided towards achieving your goals.
The coach is facilitating a process of transformation to fulfilment in your personal or professional life.

Life Coaching will help you:

  • define or review your personal or professional goals and priorities
  • find a balance between your professional activity and your private life
  • become motivated to follow your dream and live a successful life
  • increase your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • take a positive attitude to life changes
  • feel at ease in a new environment
  • learn time and stress management
  • adopt a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle
  • start to live in the present and listen to your inner voice
  • learn the skill of effective listening to and persuasive communication with others
Group Coaching
Whole or half day workshops for small groups of 5 to 10 people on one specific subject such as:
  • setting life goals and following your dream
  • positive thinking, building self-esteem
  • effective listening and communication, etc.

Therapist (ASCA) and Life Coach:

Anna Czekaj
phone:(+41) 078 914 9530
email: coaching@lifetouch.ch
email: massage@lifetouch.ch

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Life Touch - Life Coaching
29, Rue Rousseau
1201 Geneva


Save The Children
20% of the cost of all treatments will go to supporting children in developing countries

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