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The quality, not the longevity, of one's life is what is important.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


General Conditions

  1. Therapeutic massage is reimbursed by some Swiss complementary insurance plans. If you have complementary health insurance, check with your insurance company.
  2. Notice of cancellation is required 24h in advance, otherwise the consultation will be payable in full.
  3. Credit cards and cheques are not accepted.
  4. Fees are payable in cash on the day of the session.
  5. If a new client comes on a recommendation, my special offer for the person referring applies to her/his next session.
  6. Special discounts, promotional offers and gift certificates:
    • are not convertible to cash;
    • are nominative and not transmissible;
    • must be validated / announced before the start of a session;
    • must by used by the expiry date (6 months from the issue date).


Life and Career Coaching - Hypnotherapy - NLP
Introductory Session - free of charge 30-45 min 30 CHF deductible
1st coaching session with dossier opening 1½ hours 100 CHF
Each individual coaching session 1½ hours 130 CHF
Vouchers for five sessions 5 x 1½ hrs 590 CHF
Group workshops 4-7 hours 100-180 CHF
Evening workshops 2-3 hours 30-50 CHF

Body Massage - Energy Healing
First therapeutic session + dossier 1½ hours 130 CHF
Holistic therapeutic massage 1½ hours 130 CHF
Pre-natal massage 1½ hours 130 CHF
Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage 1½ hours 130 CHF
Deep tissue massage 1½ hours 130 CHF
Reiki - energy balancing 1½ hours 130 CHF
Ear Candling therapy with Reiki 1½ hours 130 CHF
Bach Flowers consultation with an individual mix preparation 1½ hours 130 CHF + 20 CHF

Special offers

Voucher for three Ear Candling or Reiki sessions 3 x 1½ hours 360 CHF
Voucher for five massage sessions 5 x 1½ hours 590 CHF
Voucher for ten massage sessions 10 x 1½ hours 1.100 CHF
Loyalty Bonus 11th session in one year free (vouchers excluded)
Referral discount: 10CHF discount at following session for a person referring
10CHF discount on dossier opening for a referred client
Gift Certificates
1½ hours 130 CHF
Gift Certificates
1 hour 100 CHF

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