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An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin

Life Coaching

Personal Development

Life coaching * is an interactive method of partnership to support a person or group of people aimed at setting and achieving goals and getting to where they want to be in their personal and professional lives. Coaching is a process that helps to define who you are, what your values are and it helps to move you from the place you are now to where you want to be in your life. It is about choice and calls for reflection, motivation and action.

Individual or Group Life Coaching?

You are faced with a choice between individual or group coaching sessions. To make an informed decision, you need to assess your needs. It would be best to start by booking an introductory coaching session and discuss your needs with a life coach; but, in general it may be more suitable to opt for individual coaching sessions if :

  • you are a more introverted person who feels intimidated by a group of strangers;
  • you have a specific problem to work on and you don’t feel comfortable sharing it in a group forum;
  • you are determined to get a strong focus and to move quickly towards your goals;
  • you have little time and need tailor-made sessions.

Group workshops may be more appropriate if:

  • you are a person who feels comfortable sharing experiences and who seeks inspiration from others in a group;
  • you you want to get more general perspectives on life coaching and the techniques applied by a life coach;
  • you are not yet sure about the value of life coaching and don’t feel ready to make a commitment to regular coaching sessions;
  • you prefer to learn various techniques quickly in a more condensed form and use them on your own in your daily life.

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* coaching section developed with use of Wikipedia-sourced definitions

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