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An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin

Life Coaching

Personal Development

Life coaching * is an interactive method of partnership to support a person or group of people aimed at setting and achieving goals and getting to where they want to be in their personal and professional lives. Coaching is a process that helps to define who you are, what your values are and it helps to move you from the place you are now to where you want to be in your life. It is about choice and calls for reflection, motivation and action.

The Role of Life Coach

A life coach does not tell clients how to live their lives, but stimulates them by using powerful questioning techniques for them to look "outside the box" and reach their own best solution. Active support from a life coach helps clients to develop more quickly and effectively than they would working by themselves, challenging old behavioral patterns and stimulating new ways of thinking and acting.

A life coach often acts as a human mirror for a client by sharing a fresh and unbiased perspective.

The role of a life coach is to provide a means for people to be accountable to themselves by monitoring their progress towards the implementation of their action plans. Together they evolve and discover the method that best suits the client’s needs. To do that, a coach uses various tools including inquiry, reflection, requests and discussion, which help the client to identify personal, business and relationship goals and to develop strategies, relationships and action plans intended to achieve those goals.

* coaching section developed with use of Wikipedia-sourced definitions

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